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What we do and don’t do…
Boat dives for certified divers and beginners
Try Dives for beginners PADI Courses
Open water to Divemaster Snorkelling Boat Passengers
Dive Shop stocks the latest diving gear
Equipment rental
Night Diving Cave Diving
Underwater Photography/VideographySafe Diving
We adhere to all PADI safety regulations
We do NOT do any technical diving
Emergency procedures
Flight Accomodation Packages
Group Discounts
Dive Club Packages

Boat Dives
We have two dive boats running 7 days a week to ensure you the best boat diving experience in Zakynthos.

If you don’t want to scuba dive, snokelling is also an good option. With the fantastic visibility here, you can see almost as much snorkelling as by scuba diving.

PADI Courses
We run a full range of PADI certification courses under the supervision of qualified professional instructors.

Boat Passengers
If diving or snorkelling is not for you, you are welcome to come along as a passenger. Our large boat has toilets, sun and shade deck and is a lovely place to relax and enjoy the scenery of the beautiful Keri area.

Dive Shop
We have a well stocked dive shop selling the latest equipment at very competitive prices with ample advice available from our staff.

Night Diving
With the change of diving laws in 2006, night diving is now legal in Greece. We make night dive trips on our RIB once per week.

Try Dives
We have a training program for complete novices that ensures they are taught in a safe and fun environment by qualified professionals.

Equipment Rental
We have full range of equipment for rent at very reasonable prices. Our equipment is of good quality and serviced regularly. Due to this, we do not hire equipment for independent use, but prefer to rent it only to customers diving with us in order to maintain its good condition.

Cave Diving
Zakynthos has some of the best cave diving in the Mediterranean and cave-experienced staff are on hand to guide you and show you the best. Because of the overhead nature of some of the caves we insist on taking only advanced divers and above into caves and reserve the right to refuse to take a diver on the basis of safety concerns.

U/W Photography/Videography
Photos and DVDs of your diving experience with us are available. In addition, we rent and sell underwater cameras to certfied divers wishing to undertake their own photos.

Safe Diving
We at Eurodivers pride ourselves on our excellent standards and safety record, and adhere to all PADI and Greek safety regulations.

Technical Diving
We DO NOT undertake diving outside the PADI recreational limits (i.e. decompression diving or planning dives deeper than 30m).

Emergency Procedures
Our boats carry a full first aid kit and oxygen kit, and just as importantly, our staff know how to use it. In the extremely unlikely event of an accident, our staff are medically trained and qualified to administer oxygen/first aid. In addition, an emergency contact device is always present.

Flight Accommodation Packages
We are able to arrange complete diving package holidays, including flights, accommodation, transfers and diving.

Group Discounts
If there’s a group of 4 or more of you, we will give you a group discount*. The bigger the group, the better the discount. Contact us with details of your particular group or club. We can also help arrange accommodation for a group if required.

*Does not apply to special deals / packages that are already discounted

Dive Club Packages
We offer special discounts for groups and dive clubs. Please contact us for more information.

In Laganas
Laganas is the biggest resort on the island and at the south of the island of Zakynthos. Once in Laganas just follow the main street to the beach, turn right at the end of the road, and head along the sand 75 metres. Just past Mambo Restaurant and before Takis Supermarkey, we are above Beach Bar, at the top of the terracotta staircase.
You’ll see our banner on the roof and signs on the beach.

Magdalena & Vaios Theodosopoulos
Laganas Beach, 29100 Zakynthos, Greece
+30 26950 29581, Mobile: +30 6944-554636
+30 26950 29582

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