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Address: Agios Leon Type: Restaurants Location: Agios Leon Porto Limnionas Website: http://www.facebook.com/porto.limniona Email: porto.limnionas@gmail.com Phone: +30 26957 72072 Mobile: 6977682470


Agios Leon Porto Limnionas
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Our traditional restaurant takes its name from the place where it is located.
Porto Limnionas is a marvellous bay with clear water placed along the West coast of Zante island. To come here you have first to reach the mountain village of Aghios Leon then following the sign for Porto Limnionas a beautiful road will takes you down to the sea.
As you will arrive in our restaurant you will admire a wonderful panorama all over the bay. The different colours of the sea, the near caves and the Mediterranean nature will be an idyllic scenery for your lunch at “Porto Limniona” Tavern.
You can choose between eating under pine trees shadow with the view over the fiord or in our comfortable indoor room or if to seat just in front of the Ionian sea on our terrace.
In our restaurant you can taste both meat and fish and specialities as fresh grilled fish, grilled squids or fried sardines. After a good starter like Zucchini balls, Greek salads and sauces as Tzatziki, you can taste different kind of grilled meat or traditional dishes like stuffed tomatoes and “stifado”. Organic Oil (certified) and wine that we serve in our tavern are produced by our family. What really makes Porto Limniona restaurant special, is the relaxing and Mediterranean feeling you can find here.
We ‘re open both lunch and dinner as the sunset is right in front of our terrace…for an unforgettable and romantic dinner.