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Address: Kryoneri, Zante town Type: Restaurants Location: Zante Town Website: http://www.aresti.com.gr Email: info@aresti.com.gr Phone: 0030 26950 27379 Mobile: 30 6977357986


Zante Town
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ARESTI restaurant

In Zakynthos on the well-known Red Rock (kokkinos Vrachos) of Xenopoulos, beside the Krioneri Lighthouse, in 1979 John and Soula Stamiris decided to renovate their old traditional mansion. By 1990 with the help of the Zakynthian architect, Nikos Lycouressis, they created the Piano-Bar Restaurant Aresti.

Its unique architecture, the traditional local materials used -stone, brick, wood- the popular technicians who worked with much care and lone, its colours, the old Zakynthian furniture of the granny’s and the paintings by D. Konstantopoulos and K. Maroyda , led to the unique beauty of Aresti.

At ARESTI restaurant you can enjoy local dishes like Zakynthian casseroled beef, rooster ragu, rabbit in lemon sauce, Aresti pork, pot roast lamb all prepared in the traditional way with pure ingredients, produced in our Aresti farm at St. Demetrios.

The fresh fish come directly from Captain Sainis fishing boat after your order.

We would like to recommend the Aresti fillet with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and our chef’s white sauce. Try also our chicken-prawn pancakes and our fillet schnitzel are really tasty, all of them well prepared by our expert cook.

Our wines coming from carefully selected types of grapes growing in the mountain fields of Aresti are pressed in lino and matured in our cellar engraved in the rocks under the best conditions and temperature.


ARESTI weddings

A dream comes true !

With a charming little stone built church and large beautifully landscaped gardens the ARESTI in Agios Dimitris is by far the most romantic, stylish and idyllic for your wedding, your child’s christening or any special event.
Our experienced team guarantees an exceptional reception which will satisfy your highest expectations and will remain unforgettable.

Also, the Aresti restaurant in Krioneri provides the perfect scenery in which to host your next social event.


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